A selection of our dances

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<Red Lantern>--Girls Group Dance

Auspicious snow, festival folk music and costume, big red lantern, reflects the joy in the snow


<Walking by the mountain and river>--Girls Group Dance Zhuang Ethnic

This dance starts with primitive Tong ethnic music, mirros the beautiful natural scenery and extensive folk culture of Guangxi province


Theatregoing--Dance of two people Han ethnic


<Flying Peacock>--Dance of three Dai ethnic


<Peach Fairy>--Chinese Classical Dance Han ethnic


<Drum Dance>--Waist drum dance of Shaanxi province


<Fish the cat>--Large fairy tale kid's pantomime

Pantomime by both Huayun and Phoenix dance school (duration 60mins)


<Papercutting Girls>--Girls Group Dance Han Ethnic


<Chu Frug Dance>--Modern Annotation of Typical Classical Dance


<Pretty Chinese Girls>--Girls Group Dance Sichuan province


<Love in Kangding>--Girls Group Dance Zang ethnic


<Lovely Big Foot>--Grop Dance Han ethnic


<Little Golden Fish and Lotus>--Group Dance