Members of Phoenix

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Pierrette Wong

Honorary President






Henry Liu






Jin Cao

Director, Soprano






Yie Yan






Wensi Yan

Artistic DIrector, Pianist, Dancer





Jinlong Chen

Lighting Director




Zhe Li

Violinist, Artistic advisor





Lori Feng

MC, Artistic Advisor




Chen Sheng

Artistic advisor




Yang Li

Technical Director



Lucie Liu

Percussionist, chief musician






Yin Xu

Dancer, Artistic Advisor



Lu Bai

Dancer, Artistic Advisor





Xiaolong Xu

Athlete for Level 1 Aerobic dance




Si Chen

Master of ceremony






Qianqian Wang

Artistic Advisor, MC. Dancer, Singer





Yilai Xu

Director of PR






Melody Sang

Rep in Toronto




Bin Wu

Rep in Quebec City




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